Say Goodbye to Freezer Chaos

Lab freezer management and sample tracking for small and medium-sized labs

  Never lose track of your samples

Keep your sample inventory up-to-date with minimal effort. Unmaintained Excel sheets, begone!

  Manage freezer inventory like a pro

Assign space to individual users and track freezer usage. No more freezer Tetris or nasty surprises when opening that freezer.

  Built for users, with users

Dr Freezr is co-created with lab managers and researchers. Researchers can devote more time to research and lab managers spend less time running behind the facts.

  It's your data

Your data is safe and securely stored at best-in-class cloud providers. Import Excel and CSV files and export all of your data at any time (even after your subscription has ended).

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Robin Pottie

"We used to constantly face the challenge of sample management, especially when colleagues come and go. But ever since we started using DrFreezr, everything has become so much smoother.

We rely on DrFreezr to keep track of where our samples are stored. No more endless searches for missing vials or worrying about samples going bad unnoticed. The system is very user-friendly, and our researchers have embraced it wholeheartedly to make their daily work easier.

As someone responsible for overseeing the lab, I can focus on other important tasks with confidence, knowing that DrFreezr has our back in managing our freezer space efficiently.

I highly recommend DrFreezr to any research team facing similar challenges."

Robin Pottie

Lab manager of the Van Breusegem lab at VIB Center for Plant Systems Biology (Ghent, Belgium)

Tracking samples has never been easier

Assign space based on facts, not intuition

Get detailed accurate information on your freezer capacity at a glance.

It's like opening a freezer, but with extra data

All of your samples in one view, complete with expiry dates, assigned users and more.

Find what should be found, hide what should be hidden.

Real-time search, rights-based viewing and editing of boxes. QR codes for printing and lookup.

Own your data

Import and export to and from Excel and CSV; it's yours after all.


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€ 399 per year (ex VAT)

Assign up to 500 boxes

Unassigned boxes don't count against this limit

Unlimited users & freezers

It's only about the boxes, no hidden extra costs

Up- and downgrade at will

Extra blocks of 100 boxes at €99 per year

It's your data

Always consult and export your data, even after your subscription has ended.
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