Switching to dedicated software to keep track of lab samples


As a lab manager, your primary focus is on ensuring seamless operations and accurate data management. While Excel has been a go-to tool for many years, it might not be the best fit for the challenges faced by laboratories.

Here are some of the reasons why a dedicated freezer management tool is superior to spreadsheets, especially for beginning labs and lab managers.

Data Aggregation for Informed Decision Making

Excel can be limiting (or hard!) when it comes to aggregating data from multiple sources.

In a lab setting, having a comprehensive overview of freezer occupation rates is essential. You'll want to know who is using how much space, especially if you feel like it's always the same people coming to ask for more space.

Data on who owns freezer space, expiry dates of samples and other data need to be aggregated for you to manage freezer inventory and allocate space with confidence.

Lab sample management tools are purpose-built to aggregate data seamlessly and provide you the insights you need.

Tracking and finding samples

In a laboratory, finding specific samples efficiently is crucial for maintaining productivity and avoiding delays in experiments. Not to mention the stress of leaving a freezer open too long while searching for a sample.

Searching through Excel files is limiting and time-consuming. A dedicated sample management tool streamlines search. Many come with advanced search functionalities, filtering options, and customizable metadata. Researchers and lab managers can quickly locate specific samples without sifting through numerous spreadsheets.

The performant search capabilities of dedicated sample management tools save valuable time and reduce the risk of misplacing or misidentifying samples, ultimately contributing to a more organized and productive lab environment.

Enhanced User Viewing and Editing Rights

Data security is a major priority for any lab manager. Excel's simple password protection might not be sufficient to safeguard sensitive information from accidental deletions or unauthorized access.

A dedicated lab sample management tool provides user viewing and editing rights, allowing you to grant precise access to team members. It also keeps a record of user actions.

This level of control ensures data integrity and confidentiality are maintained, mitigating potential risks associated with Excel's limited access controls.

Optimized Handling of Complex Data Structures

What you store in your freezers can't always be easily poured in spreadsheets, as their linear structure can become cumbersome when managing complex data, leading to inconsistencies.

Specialized sample management tools are designed to handle such complexities with ease. Their intuitive interfaces and advanced functionalities streamline data organization, reducing the likelihood of errors and simplifying your data management tasks.

Catering to the specific needs of lab managers and researchers

Excel's widespread popularity doesn't negate the fact that it was not designed explicitly for laboratory data management. It might lack certain features crucial for lab managers' and researchers' needs.

Dedicated sample management tools, on the other hand, are developed with lab managers and researchers in mind, catering to the specific requirements of scientific environments. User-friendly interfaces and task-specific features make these tools the better choice for enhancing productivity.


While Excel has been a staple tool for various applications, it falls short when it comes to the unique demands of lab sample management.

A dedicated freezer and sample management tool offers specialized features that cater to lab managers' and researchers' needs. From data aggregation to enhanced user rights and optimized handling of non-linear data, these tools empower lab managers to make decisions confidently and researchers to focus on their research.